DNA / RNA Manipulation and Analysis

Essential Factors for Successful Gateway Cloning

Essentials - DNA Extraction article

An efficient cloning system that is in vogue at present is the Gateway® Cloning Technology. Gateway cloning gives researchers the opportunity to easily transfer DNA fragments into plasmids using proprietary recombination sites called “Gateway att sites” and either the LR clonase or BP clonase enzyme mixes. Gateway cloning is efficient, but it still has multiple…

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How to Make Your Own Chemically-Competent Cells

chemically-competent cells

I once had the terrible experience of not being able to run an assay because I ran out of commercial stock of transformation-competent Escherichia coli (E.coli). From that day, I learned to make my own chemically-competent cells in the lab. I recommend that everyone makes their own stash of transformation-competent E.coli stocks—among other suggested laboratory…

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