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5 Tips to a Faster Thesis Using Labguru

…horror stories of students trying to rush their thesis, only to fail their defense, have to rewrite a thesis or delay graduation, which just exacerbates the stress. Tip: use Labguru’s…

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How to Write Your Thesis Right

…picked up during my thesis write-up that might help to make the process that little bit easier. Back up This is probably the advice most often given to PhD students,…

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The Easier Way to Write a PhD Thesis

…research, and write a competent PhD thesis. Your supervisor is only there to guide and mentor you, no matter what you, or s/he, might think. 2. Keep Good and Accurate…

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A CRISPR Approach to Immuno-Oncology

…to overcome these limitations. Ex-Vivo Editing of T Cells as a Therapeutic Strategy The primary challenge to using therapeutic antibodies is the constant deactivation of the immune response by cancer…

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Make Better Figures Faster Using Illustrator

…guide to using Illustrator for scientific figures the following sites might be useful: http://www.mmc.med.ed.ac.uk/useful-info/illustrator/ http://www.virology.wisc.edu/acp/tutorials/SciIllustration.pdf Let us know if you have any other quick tips for using Illustrator, or if…

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Imaging and Analyzing Your Wound Healing Assay

…are good enough to track gap closure over time. In some specialized cases, fluorescent labelled dyes for tracking two different cell populations or using a transgenic labelled cell line to…

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10 Uses for a PhD Thesis

…the message is represented by three numbers that identify a word in your thesis: the page number, line number and the word number. For example, the message 6.6.9, 142.5.7 would…

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Five Easy Ways to Reduce Word Count

…to result in shorter sentences. Here’s an example: DNA from the seedlings was amplified using PCR. Let’s try: We amplified seedling DNA using PCR. We just saved a couple words…

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