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Re-Think PCR and Win an IPhone

Robert, a Bitesize Bio reader sent me an e-mail to tip me off about a fun little contest being run by BioRad at www.rethinkpcr.com.

You are invited to say how you would “re-think” PCR. At first I thought this was a technical contest, seeking real suggestions on how PCR could be improved but actually you just have to complete a sentence starting with “I think” in a PCR-related manner. Most people seem to have gone for some sort of PCR-related pun or joke. Here are a few of my favorites:

“I think the “hot start” I’ve been using is more like “not start””

“I think low fidelity should be left to old school turn tables and 8-track”

“I think the only thing my cycler amplifies is my temper”

and best of all: “I think secondary structure is of primary importance”

I have to confess that the last one is mine… sorry. It turns out that no matter what you write, you will apparently receive a t-shirt and be entered into a prize draw where the top prize is an IPhone. Of course there is very little chance of winning anything, but I can always do with extra t-shirts for running or whatever and having my details put into a marketing database isn’t too much of a hardship.

One final feature is that you can vote for your favorite phrase on the site, with the prize being the glory of having your phrase at the top of the list and having it printed on the t-shirts. Go on, have a go!

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