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by on 22nd of November, 2007 in Career Development & Networking

We'd like to invite you, our wonderful, talented readers to get more involved with this blog. Here's a few ways you can do so:

  1. Suggest a topic you'd like us to write an article on (click here to do this)
  2. Share your knowledge… write an article for the blog. Whether have one technical tip you are burning to share, or you'd like to write more regularly, your contributions are very welcome. (Mail your article to nick {at} bitesizebio{dot}com or contact me at the same address if you'd like to be a regular contributer)
  3. Add comments to our articles… thanks to those who already do so
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  5. Keep reading and tell your friends about us!!
  6. Massage or crush our egosclick here to tell us what we are doing right and/or what you'd like to see us do differently.
  7. If you are a blogger, write a guest article that we can post here… it's a great way to promote your blog (contact nick{at}bitesizebio{dot}com)
  8. Did I mention that we'd love you to tell your friends about us?….

Finally, thanks for reading our blog – we really appreciate your support. We hope you are enjoying what we have brought you so far and enjoy our future articles even more!

About the author: Nick Oswald
I started Bitesize Bio on a Macbook on my kitchen table in 2007 while in my 7th year of working as a molecular biologist in biotech. My aim was to share the know-how that I had acquired from the school of hard-knocks in the lab, so that others could learn from my mistakes and small victories. Nowadays my mission is to facilitate the gathering of hardcore know-how from whole spectrum of bioscientists and share it here on Bitesize Bio to create a super-mentor that any bioscientist can turn to for much-needed guidance.

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