phd-data-backup.jpgWhen I was writing up my PhD thesis I was paranoid about data backup. Years of hard work – pictures, data-files, notes, publication lists not to mention the thesis manuscript itself – all stored on one hard drive. Copying onto CDs or detachable hard drives was fine, but what if I lost those, or they became corrupt?, or what if my house burnt down? – all my work would be gone.

Told you I was paranoid about it.

Anyway, none of that happened, but it is good practice to be at least a little paranoid about keeping your data safe. Online backups always seemed to be a good idea to me since they are an easy way to get a backup off site – giving you one less problem to worry about if your house burns down. But online backups are expensive, aren’t they?

Well not any more it seems, Mozy is a new online backup service that offers 2 Gb of back-up space for free. Not only that, it also offers the following:

  • Encryption of your files both during transfer and storage, so no one else can read them
  • Scheduling, so you can do automatic daily backups
  • Outlook backup to protect your email (if you use Outlook)
  • Incremental backups – after the initial backup, only files that have been changed are backed up, making the backup process very quick

As well as the free service Mozy has two pay options that offer greater versatility. MozyHome offers unlimited backups for only $4.95/month for home users and MozyPro is a feature-packed enterprise-level option for companies offering storage at $0.50/Gb.

Photo: Beeb-gzb