Laura Grassie

Laura received her PhD in Molecular Biology at the University of Dundee before moving into the world of scientific publishing.

Articles by Laura Grassie:

Tips for Choosing Your Lab Notebook Pen (and Why You Need to Choose Carefully)

Keeping a meticulous lab record of your experiments is a necessity. And it’s drilled into us to back up our computers, including backups stored in different locations to ensure vital records don’t get lost. But how do we protect the hard copy information in our lab books? You may not have given much thought previously…

22 Aug 2019 Writing, Publishing and Presenting

Genomic Analysis of Single Cells: The Benefits of Being Single

You don’t need to be told about how next generation sequencing technologies have revolutionized the way we study the genome and the epigenome. Whether you want to look at transcription (RNA-seq), translation (Ribo-seq) genomes (DNA-seq), interactions of proteins and DNA (ChIP-Seq) or to study epigenetic features such as methylation (whole genome bilsulfite sequencing) there are…

13 Apr 2015 Genomics and Epigenetics

Common Sins When Publishing Your Paper

When it comes to publishing your paper you want to show the world what excellent research you’ve worked so hard to produce. Part of that is providing enough detail so that others can reproduce your work and take it further. There are certain details you need to include in your paper; many, but not all…

04 Feb 2015 Writing, Publishing and Presenting

Get Great Yields by Optimizing Your Bacterial Cultures

Bacterial cultures may be much easier to grow than mammalian cells, but if your yields are suboptimal there are plenty of parameters to play with. Here we list a few of the things you should consider to maximize your culture growth. Shaking speed Shaking is performed to allow aeration of your culture, which is of…

19 Jan 2015 Protein Expression and Analysis

Common New Year’s Resolutions for Scientists (and how to keep them) 

A new year means new resolutions and a chance to improve ourselves. All to often however these changes last only a few weeks before we slip back into old ways. Why not make 2015 different and make a change that sticks? These changes don’t have to be huge, and often it’s the small changes that…

01 Jan 2015 Organization and Productivity
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