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Scientist, GSOH. Seeks Similar.

Scientist, GSOH. Seeks Similar.

You know what it’s like. You’re committed to your career, you work long hours so you don’t get to socialise as much as you needed to meet that special someone.

And those people you do meet wouldn’t know their a-factor from their elbow.

So what options are there for the lonely scientist who wants to find someone with whom they can share their copy of Molecular Biology of The Cell?

Well, the Scientist magazine has a scientists-only dating service called Science Connection that can help with that very mission. According to their website:

“The world is a crowded petri dish, and yet for those of an intellectual bent who happen to be single, it’s not easy to find that certain person for a great symbiotic relationship. Enter Science Connection.”

Being scientists we of course need some statistics on how successful this service is and Science Connection duly provides. Their up-to-the-minute stats boast 87 marriages, 69 engagements, 274 “serious relationships” and 303 dating couples out of 15,031 individuals who have joined the service since it began.

Membership fees are only $65/year…  a small price to pay to find the scientist of your dreams?

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