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8 more helpings of free PC Software for biological scientists

An image of cells to depict free PCR

It’s been while since we talked about free PC software for biologists. So we thought we’d treat you to 8 more ideas that can turn you PC in to a super-bio-research-enabling-machine…..

1. Silvernote Standard

Electronic note taking effectively clears the desktop of ideas scribbled on bar napkins, backs of envelopes and sticky notes. Silvernote is whitespace on which to draw, type, capture and brainstorm every “A-Ha!” moment into a framework for future projects.

2. Paint.NET

While you’re hard at work, become a 21st century Picasso with Paint.NET. Sketch-by-mouse. Work with image layers to create a collage. And for all digital images, apply basic corrections, re-size and crop for use in your next presentation.


Bulk image analysis made efficient. Take a group of similar images and open them in a stack. Develop a work flow, use a plug-in or a macro and analyze all at once, saving time.


Need significance? Stats! Compare over 1 billion cases and 1 billion variables with this free, open-source software. Run your favorite statistical tests over and over again until…well, forever. No yearly software license renewal is needed.

5. R

For our computational biologists in the audience: take R to program statistical sense and graphical figures out of cherished data sets. When a break is needed from typing screens full of object-oriented syntax, perhaps a graphical flow with Red-R can help?

6. Bioconductor

Next, grab Bioconductor and its over 600 packages to conquer endless mountains of genotyping data. Annotate, manipulate sequences, find variants and interrogate transcription factors.

7. VCell – Virtual Cell Modeling & Analysis Software

Build a cell; simulate. At-home experimental cell biology without the worries of bio safety. Requires Internet for computational functionality.

8. Bioclipse

Last, but not least, a powerhouse for all things chemical: 2D and 3D molecular modeling, drug discovery tools and report preparation, just to name a few…

So much for being Bitesized. That’s a lot to chew on!..enjoy!….

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Image Credit: Dave Monk

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