Rachael Walker

I am head of Flow Cytometry at the Babraham Institute, which is just outside Cambridge. I have over 10 years experience with flow cytometry, including over 7 years running several flow cores at the University of Cambridge. My first experience with flow cytometry was during my PhD in Tissue Engineering at the University of Liverpool and decided that I wanted to pursue a career in a Flow Cytometry Core Facility. I am a very active member of the cytometry world and am a member of ISAC, flowcytometryUK and the Royal Microscopical Society. In 2012 I was awarded a 5 year ISAC Scholarship.

Articles by Rachael Walker:

How to Store Your Reagents, so They ‘Do Exactly What It Says on the Tin’

Your reagents should do ‘Exactly what they say on the tin.’  This only happens though if you look after them in the way the manufacturer states on their data sheets. We have all been guilty of using reagents past their expiration date.  Usually we can get away with it, but there are a few things…

11 Apr 2017 Flow Cytometry

Hierarchical or Boolean Gating: Which One to Choose?

A flow cytometer collects the events you are interested in, and also ‘sees’ every event that goes through. This includes debris and even bits in your buffers. As cytometrists, we gate our cells to exclude unwanted bits and to focus on the sub-populations that we are interested in studying. There are two main ways of gating…

14 Feb 2017 Flow Cytometry

Ain’t no mountain high enough: Summit Software

The town of Fort Collins is situated in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Colorado and it is those mountains that give inspiration to the name of the Beckman Coulter acquisition program Summit. Summit software started out as the software to run the MoFlo (Modular Flow) high-speed cell sorter that was designed by Ger…

09 Jul 2016 Flow Cytometry

Spot the Difference: 5 Ways to Improve the Presentation of Your Flow Cytometry Data

Take a look at the dotplot below, are you happy with the way it’s presented? Do you think that you could recreate that experiment? If you were a reviewer, would you accept that figure? Sure, it’s flow plot, it shows 3 populations of which two are gated. Read many journals and you will see data…

09 Jul 2016 Flow Cytometry

5 Ways to Improve Your Fluorescent Protein Sorting

If, like many people, you use fluorescent proteins to view your transfection efficiency or your CRISPR gene editing, you can also isolate cells with different expression levels of fluorescent proteins. Here are 5 ways to improve your sorting experiment.

09 Jul 2016 Flow Cytometry