It’s common practice in many laboratories to hold weekly lab meetings, where all members of the lab discuss their exciting new results, experimental pitfalls, new papers published in their field, etc. For the last several years, our lab meetings have been very formal. By formal, I mean that whoever is presenting that day prepares a PowerPoint presentation, complete with background information, experimental results and concluding slides including future directions of research and planned experiments. But recently, we decided to take a more informal approach, where the person presenting just brings his/her lab notebook, western blot images, immunohistochemistry images, etc. and talks about the results in a more casual, conversational manner. Having experienced both types of lab meeting settings, I thought it would be beneficial to talk about the pros and cons of each type so that people can decide which type of PI-interrogation they prefer…the formal or the informal kind!

So, which lab meeting style best suits your lab or your personality?