Emily Crow

Emily Crow has a PhD in Life Sciences from Northwestern University. She is currently working as an editor for a scientific publishing company. Her many scientific interests include microbiology, parasitology, and prion diseases.

Articles by Emily Crow:

How a Jellyfish Changed Biology: the Discovery and Development of GFP

Fluorescent tags are widely used for microscopy and expression studies – but it wasn’t so long ago that this everyday tool was unheard of. In this article we’ll talk about how GFP came to be, and what it means for you. Green fluorescent protein, or GFP, was first identified in a fluorescent jellyfish, Aequorea victoria.…

09 Jul 2016 Microscopy and Imaging

Feed Your Head: Books for Scientists and Their Loved Ones

Over the past year, we’ve published several book reviews on BitesizeBio. With the holidays approaching, we thought this would be a good time to highlight some of our favorite science reads. Why not add a few to your shopping list – a gift for a friend, or maybe yourself? Read on for our recommendations!  …

13 Dec 2012 Fun Stuff

Can Post-Publication Peer Review Really Work?

I recently became aware of Webmedcentral.com, a collection of biomedical journals that publishes research articles online under the unique philosophy of “post-publication peer review”.  The flagship journal of this website, WebmedCentral, promises publication of any article within 48 hours, with absolutely no review process beforehand.  Articles are then open for commenting by members of the…

07 Nov 2012 Writing, Publishing and Presenting

How To Write an Awesome Abstract

Let’s face it: when you said you read that paper, what you really meant was that you read the abstract. And that conference you went to? You probably scanned the abstracts of the posters instead of actually attending the poster session and chatting with the presenters. It’s a dirty little secret and a time-saving tool…

01 Oct 2012 Writing, Publishing and Presenting

How Do YOU Image Your Western Blots?

The last step in western blotting is imaging the blot – this is the moment of truth, when you finally get to see the results of the experiment you’ve been working on for so long!  There are a variety of different ways to image your blot.  The method you choose will largely depend on the…

13 Jul 2012 Protein Expression and Analysis
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