Dr Rebecca Tirabassi

Rebecca S. Tirabassi received her Ph.D. in Molecular Biology studying the pathogenesis of herpesviruses. After her postdoctoral fellowship, she spent 6 years working in biotech followed by 3 years as a scientist at academic institutions. She is currently the owner of Scientific Pens, LLC, a company that provides research, writing, editing and consulting services for life scientists. In addition to writing for BitesizeBio, she is the voice behind the WiKi and Blog at Advansta.com. She also writes a personal blog entitled Mad Scientist.Crazy Mom in which she talks about surviving life with 5 kids and a menagerie of animals while trying to keep her scientific mind happy (aka occasionally writing about scientific topics that interest her - like herpesviruses).

Articles by Dr Rebecca Tirabassi:

To (Science) Blog or Not to (Science) Blog

Look out technical science writing, there’s an alternative voice in town. In the past decade, bloggers have taken to their keyboards and changed the voice of the internet. With their relaxed writing styles and ability to impart wisdom in a few short paragraphs, most of the online population consumes science blogs. Although scientists are often…

04 Jan 2017 Science Communication & Ethics

What I Learned as a Grant Reviewer

A few years ago, when I was working for a biotechnology company, I got a special letter in the mail.  The NIH asked me to be an ad-hoc grant reviewer for small business grants. Although I drew these lessons from the NIH grant review process, they can probably be applied to many granting agencies.  If…

12 Oct 2016 Getting Funded&Writing, Publishing and Presenting

A Protein Biochemist’s Bag of Tricks

If you were to peek into a protein biochemist’s bag of tricks, what would you find? A mortar and pestle for collecting samples, some columns for isolating proteins and a mass spec instrument? Perhaps. But what about those little eppendorf tubes full of enzymes and helpful molecules? Certainly, each scientist has his/her own favorite. Here…

14 May 2015 Protein Expression and Analysis

When the Words Won’t Come: Overcoming Writer’s Block

Whether you are writing your thesis, a manuscript or a grant, there will come a time when you need to write, but getting words onto the paper will be like trying to get DNA from a rock – you are pretty sure it ain’t going to happen. Luckily there are a few tricks you can…

09 Mar 2015 Writing, Publishing and Presenting

Seven Tips for Working From Home Successfully

You are a scientist. You run experiments in the lab, but also spend a lot of time analyzing data, writing, doing literature searches, writing, reading and did I say writing? The good news: You can do some of your work from home. The bad news: You can do some of your work from home. Working…

11 Feb 2015 Organization and Productivity
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