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Allison Ross

Freelance writer and editor working under the company name of RossWrite. Formerly worked as a postdoc chemist in the stem cell materials field.

Articles by Allison Ross:

10 Great Tips To Make A Good Impression At Your Interview

Are you busy applying for your first biotech or life sciences job? Or are you thinking about a postdoc? Whatever your next steps, you’re likely to face an interview. Here we’ll guide you through some of the common questions and situations you might find yourself having to deal with in a life sciences interview.

Two smiling women shaking hands and one smiling man standing in an interview room to represent getting a job after reading how to make a great impression at your life sciences interview
07 Jan 2021 Career Development & Networking

Careers for Scientists – Research Technician

One of Bitesize Bio’s regular readers asked me to interview people in jobs that don’t necessarily require a PhD.  So, today I’m talking to Angela Briski who’s a research technician and currently working in stem cell research.  Hope you enjoy the interview… You describe yourself as a Research Technician.  And what exactly is it that…

22 Jul 2011 Career Development & Networking

Careers for Scientists – Medical Writer

This week our careers interview focuses on medical writing and what kind of opportunities are available for anyone looking to move into this field.  Lauren Donaldson tells us how she got started out after her PhD and we’ll be comparing this with a freelance medical writer in the coming weeks so keep posted. You describe…

06 Jul 2011 Career Development & Networking

Careers for Scientists – Clinical Research

This week we’re taking a look at the clinical research industry for some great advice if you’re thinking about moving into this field.  Vicki Ronaldson, one of our staff writers, tells us all about her job and how she got there… You describe yourself as a clinical research scientist. And what exactly is it that you…

23 May 2011 Career Development & Networking

Careers for Scientists – Operations Director

It’s time for another interview with a scientist to see what careers are out there waiting for you.  A few Bitesize Bio readers have asked for more information on jobs within the editorial or publishing industries, so this week I spoke with Laura Stemmle of American Journal Experts.  Here’s Laura’s low-down on what she does…

16 May 2011 Career Development & Networking

Careers for Scientists – Scientific Policy

So you want to make a difference?  Here’s a career move for you that I personally think is a terrific choice for a scientist.  I’ve been speaking with Jennifer Pohlhaus, who works in science policy and here’s what she had to say about her job. Hi Jennifer, Your job as a Science Policy Project Manager…

25 Apr 2011 Career Development & Networking

BioPop Rap Battle: Who Got Your Vote?

Back in November 2010 we had a competition between Tom McFadden and Science Rapper and we asked you to vote for your favourite red-hot rapper. They were both absolutely brilliant, and certainly caused a stir amongst the social media channels. And the winner is… drum roll please… Your votes decided that the winner is Tom…

22 Apr 2011 Fun Stuff

5 Signs That Your Interview Went Well

So now you’ve had your job interview – how well do you think you did? Here are 5 tell-tale signs that should give you a clue. 1. The interview lasted longer than you expected. This isn’t 100% true in all cases, and I definitely know people who got jobs they didn’t expect due to the…

14 Apr 2011 Career Development & Networking

Careers for Scientists – University Teaching Fellow, UK

For this week’s interview I’ve been speaking to Peter Kirsop from the University of Edinburgh, UK. Peter has been taking part in our webinar series “Chemistry for Biologists” which has proved really popular, so I thought it would be interesting to hear about what he does every day….. Hi Peter, You describe yourself as an…

01 Apr 2011 Career Development & Networking

Careers for Scientists – Beverage Scientist

We’ve had some great feedback about this column lately.  I hope you enjoy today’s interview as much as you seem to have liked the first couple we’ve covered.  There’s more coming soon, looking at scientists who made the move into areas like Marketing, Regulatory Affairs, University Teaching and lots more in the pipeline.  Today, we’ve…

23 Mar 2011 Career Development & Networking

Careers for Scientists – Editor & Proofreader

Looking for a new direction in your career? Well you’ve come to the right place. This is the second interview in our new series of articles that focus on careers for scientists.  We’ll be looking at jobs that are off-the-beaten-track (and sometimes on no track at all) and ones that are certainly not on the…

07 Mar 2011 Career Development & Networking

Are University Career Services Worth Their Weight in Gold?

Suddenly it’s time up, write up, and make room for the next batch of PhD students in the lab – so how do you find that first job? OK – so now you’re finishing your PhD or graduated already, and it’s time to look for that first job.  Maybe you’ve already started endless hours of…

10 Dec 2010 Career Development & Networking
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