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Vivek AT

Vivek Thiruvettai is at present an independent researcher. He exploits online Bioinformatics resources that are publicly available for computer-based analysis to promote cost-effective and self-contained research. He received B.Tech in Bioinformatics from Tamil Nadu Agricultural University & M.Sc in Biotechnology from University of Calicut. His research interests include plant genomics, microRNA discovery, molecular markers and its application in plant breeding.

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Articles by Vivek AT

A Crash Course in BLAST Searching

A Crash Course in BLAST Searching

By Vivek Thiruvettai | January 3, 2018

Simple BLAST searching is pretty straightforward to many of us. Just plug in your sequence, select the species genome, and hit search! But have you ever wondered what it takes to run a BLAST query using these mammoth-sized (no pun intended!) sequence databases? BLAST searching can produce dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of candidate alignments.…

Heat map

Show Disparity in Gene Expression with a Heat Map

By Vivek Thiruvettai | March 24, 2017

Have RNA-seq or microarray data? What possible tools can help you find your genes of interest? Is there any pattern in your expression data? I know you are totally at sea but heat maps are now commonly used to help. A heat map is a well-received approach to illustrate gene expression data.  It is an…

Genomics software output

Genomics Software – Doorways to Visualize Sequence Data

By Vivek Thiruvettai | January 3, 2017

Are you tired of staring at all of your sequence data? Want to know the easiest way to look at it? For complex genomics data, an appropriate visualization tool is a must have. The right genomics software will make it easy-peasy to get some results as well as test all those ideas you have. Since…

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