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Harness the Power of BioEdit and Microsoft Excel for Quick BLAST Summaries

Basic Local Alignment Search Tool (BLAST) remains the cornerstone of biological sequence analysis. When users have one or few queries, the data are easy to interpret based on the graphical output that the search provides. However, when you have to analyze hundreds or a few thousand queries, running graphical outputs can be computationally intensive, difficult…

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Using a Genome Viewer to Scope your Sequencing Data

Now you’ve got great sequencing results, thanks to Nick’s article on improving sequencing results. Now what? Well now you need some software (preferably free) to analyze your data. BioEdit is a good option. But what I have to offer today is a much lighter and equally handy tool. It’s called Artemis and was developed by…

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The Art of Protein Expression – How Changes in the Universal Genetic Code Can Affect The Activity of Your Expressed Protein

Protein expression is an art. There are many routes to optimize a protein expression protocol, such as using different expression systems (e.g. E. coli, yeast cells, insect cells) or changing the expression vector or culture media for the expression host. Fortunately, optimizing the parameters mentioned above often leads to improvements in your protein expression results. However, there is one other…

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Demystifying REBASE and NEBcutter

Two years ago, all I knew was third BASE in my baseball field and the cutter ball from the pitcher. Now, I know a lot more about lab-based BASES and cutters: REBASE and NEBcutter. While they sound like baseball terms, REBASE and NEBcutter are tools for working with restriction enzymes. Read on to find out…

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