i-love-science.pngJust for fun, here my top 15 reasons for being a scientist. Add your own reasons in the comments below if you so wish.

1. Not being stuck behind a desk all day every day

2. Conferences… see the world for free

3. Understanding some of the fundamentals of life and the universe

4. Getting paid to do something you can actually enjoy

5. Realising just how little understanding we have of life and the universe

6. Having the freedom to plan & execute your work (If you are a PhD student you may have to wait until you have finished your studies for this one!)

7. People believe what you say (trust me I’m a “doctor”)

8. Not having to wear a suit to work every day (could you imagine that?)

9. Getting paid to think creatively

10. If it doesn’t work, it’s not your fault. Most things don’t work anyway – this is research!

11. Getting paid to think logically and innovate

12. Lab coats – even less need to dress smart for work.

13. You can work in nearly any country in the world that you choose

14. Owning a bunsen burner (or the equivalent gadget for your specialization)

15. Your mother/father/grandmother thinks you are a genius (unless he/she is a scientist too!)

Got any more?… add them below.

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  1. I’ve got to say I disagree with #8. I do like to dress nicely, but I hate having my labmates ask me if I have a special meeting or an interview that day.

  2. Addition::

    Making friends/dates internationally^^.

    Use complicated, state-of-art equipments that general audience wow for.

    Spending quiet Saturday afternoon looking into a fancy microscope for your own pet project.


  3. 16. Getting paid substandard wages while working days and nights while on tenure track, while your buddies drive BMWs and surf in Hawaii… while you wonder why your second wife has left you and why you still don’t have an office with a window???

    Oh wait, that was my “inside” voice…

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