Flow Cytometry

Setting Voltages for Optimal Sensitivity

After panel design, and titration of the reagents, the next most important step in flow cytometry is setting the proper voltages on the photomultipler tubes (PMTs). These detectors take the photons of light emitted by the fluorochromes on the cells and convert them to electrons, which ultimately become the voltage current that is digitized and…

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FlowJo Software: how’s your FlowJo mojo?

Generally, once you’ve acquired your samples on a cytometer, the hard (but hopefully fun!) part of making sense of all the data begins. This can be increasingly complex depending on the number of cells, populations, parameters, and combinations. So where we use the dedicated software aligned to the analyser for acquisition, we frequently use alternative…

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Beginners Guide to Designing Your Own Polychromatic Flow Panel

“The greater the power, the more dangerous the abuse.” – Edmund Burke “With great power comes great responsibility.” – Uncle Ben (quoting Voltaire) While it’s unlikely that either of these speakers performed multi-dimensional flow cytometry, it is important to remember these quotes in the context of developing and implementing a good polychromatic flow panel.  More fluorochromes are…

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