Vaidyanathan Subramaniam

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How to Maintain Healthy Interactions with Flow Cytometry Personnel

No matter the ingenuity of your science or the capabilities of your core facility, your results are only as good as your peer-to-peer relationship with the flow cytometry personnel. The following points are from my experience as a flow cytometry facility manager, but they are equally applicable during discussions with managers from any core area.…

10 Oct 2017 Flow Cytometry

Post-sorting Checks and Measures

In my previous article I discussed steps you can implement to ensure that a sample is ready for cell sorting. But now it’s time to make sure the sort worked. Here are a few sorting checks and measures to ensure that all’s well that ends well. Post-sorting Checks and Measures Re-evaluate Your Catch Tubes Sorting…

12 Sep 2017 Flow Cytometry

Guidelines for Efficient Cell Sorting – Part 1

Flow cytometry is a pervasive tool to characterize just about anything in cell biology. From quantifying the expression of surface antigens, to determining the physiological changes in cells and everything in between, flow cytometry is as indispensable to a cell biologist as a knife is to a surgeon. Cell sorting is pivotal in enabling researchers…

11 Jul 2017 Flow Cytometry