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Sulov Saha

Sulov gained PhD in Neuroscience from Université Paul Sabatier Toulouse III.

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Articles by Sulov Saha

Image of balance and weights to represent calibration such as pipette calibration

Performing Pipette Calibration Yourself

By Sulov Saha | October 4, 2021

It is necessary to check pipette calibration every few months to ensure accuracy by dispensing the right volumes. Learn how to do-it-yourself!

An image of setting up a photography shoot to represent getting optimal conditions for live-cell imaging

Optimal Conditions for Live-Cell Imaging

By Sulov Saha | May 17, 2021

Live-cell imaging can bring a lot of clarity to cellular processes, but keeping your cells happy can be tricky. Read on to learn about 4 key parameters for achieving optimal conditions for live-cell imaging.

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