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Omonse Talton

Omonse has a PhD in Reproductive Biology from the University of Missouri-Columbia. She is currently Assistant Professor of Biology at Avila University.

Institution : Avila University
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Articles by Omonse Talton

An image of a man holding his hands up to say slow down to depict centrifuge care.

How to Keep Your Centrifuge Alive: 5 Easy Tips

By Dr. Omonse Talton | February 3, 2023

The more expensive your lab centrifuge, the more sensitive and the easier it is to break. What can we do to give these pricey monsters a long, successful tenure in the lab? Read our 5 easy tips.

Man holding papers representing peer review in science

How Does Peer Review in Science Work? 

By Dr. Omonse Talton | February 22, 2022

If you’re unsure as to how the peer-review process works, the difference between open and double-blind peer review or are wondering if peer review is broken, read on.

Assays: Wellular to Cellular

Assays: Wellular to Cellular

By Dr. Omonse Talton | August 2, 2019

Out with the Old… Well-based assays have been the standard for common laboratory experiments, such as fluorescence cytometry. A researcher places a small amount of sample into a well on a plate and assays it, which produces a single data point. However, this so-called single data point is actually an average of the measurements of…

Sweet talk ^_^

10 Tips on Mating Mice Successfully

By Dr. Omonse Talton | February 28, 2019

Tiny, furry, spinning around a wheel—few creatures are as endearing as the lab mouse. Trying to obtain reproductive success with them, however, can leave you spinning your own wheels. Why is it that what works so well for the animal facility staff, or experienced technician, seems to be beyond your reach? After all, mice have…

An image of a calculator to depict saving money with lab hacks.

Lab Hacks: Tips to Save You Money and Time

By Dr. Omonse Talton | September 21, 2018

Not every lab has the cash to shell out on fancy equipment. We share some trusty lab hacks and welcome you to share your own with us.

Primer Validation Was a No-Go – Now What?

Primer Validation Was a No-Go – Now What?

By Dr. Omonse Talton | March 13, 2018

The primers for your gene of interest have finally arrived in the mail, and you’re ready to figure out whether your favorite gene’s expression level is elevated in those precious tissue samples. Only one small last step before you can proceed. Primer validation. This is a standard procedure where you run PCR or qPCR on…

Troubleshooting a Faulty ELISA

Troubleshooting a Faulty ELISA

By Dr. Omonse Talton | February 14, 2018

Is ELISA giving you the blues? The frustrating kind, not the lovely kind you get while watching the enzyme substrate reaction! This age old assay has the perks of being quick and fairly simple to perform, but when conditions are not perfect, ELISAs can deliver less than optimal results, and fail to be consistent and…

The Dumbed-Down Thesis: A Little Reddit Fun

The Dumbed-Down Thesis: A Little Reddit Fun

By Dr. Omonse Talton | January 2, 2017

Science talk can be cryptic, and scientists are realizing that nobody knows what the heck they’re talking about half of the time. To combat this, science communication lobbyists have done a great job of introducing new ways to communicate science that don’t involve babbling on and on. Have you ever practiced a 30 Second Elevator…


How do you Solve a Problem like Pseudoscience?

By Dr. Omonse Talton | August 10, 2016

If you need hair advice are you more likely to scour the Trichological Society’s website, or head over to Pinterest? In the age of the search button, people have access to all sorts of “information,” and knowledge is power. No subject or discipline is shielded from social media, and now more than ever the public…

navigating a lab

Aliens from Outerspace: Navigating a Lab in the West

By Dr. Omonse Talton | July 9, 2016

If you find it very difficult to call your boss by her first name, feel obligated to wear business casual clothes to the lab, or reckon that it’s slightly weird that your fellow PhD candidates are inviting you to a casual night out instead of to the library to study, then like me, you just…

4 Tips for Extracting RNA from Unfriendly Tissues

4 Tips for Extracting RNA from Unfriendly Tissues

By Dr. Omonse Talton | July 9, 2016

Some tissues are tricky to work with. This truth was lost on me in the early years of grad school because I worked with liver samples. If you’re extracting RNA from liver samples, you’re likely not losing sleep over your massive RNA yields. But for the folks doing RNA extractions with less willing donors, such…

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