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John Ategeka

I’m a Medical laboratory technologist with 6+ years experience. I work with the Infectious Diseases Research Collaboration particularly working on placental malaria histopathology, molecular techniques including PCR and LAMP assays. My current research interest is in Acute chorioamnionitis and group B strep, an important question critical for maternal and child health. I’m particularly interested in infectious diseases research and growing knowledge in molecular-based assays.

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Articles by John Ategeka

How to Perform DNA Extraction from Dried Blood Spots Using Chelex Resin

By John Ategeka | May 16, 2017

Every bio- scientist who wants to analyze DNA knows that the process begins with the extraction of DNA from cells of interest. These cells could be RBCs, parasites, or bacteria to name a few. Furthermore, there are various DNA extraction methods1  to choose from depending on sample type, downstream analysis, and so forth. Many scientists…

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