Dr Jennifer Redig

I am currently a Managing Editor at Bitesizebio. I have a Masters of Clinical Research, and a PhD in Molecular & Medical Genetics. However I love keeping up with a wide variety of scientific topics - making my work as a Managing Editor at BitesizeBio very enjoyable. I am passionate about academic reform and being a mom. Connect with me on Twitter and Facebook! Or visit my blog about academic reform www.HowScienceIsMade.com

Articles by Dr Jennifer Redig:

Slides 101

Would you eat your spaghetti dinner without a plate? No, of course not! It would make a big mess and be ugly to look at. Instead you NEED something to put that spaghetti on, to contain it, to keep it clean, to make it look nice – a bowl, a plate, SOMETHING! By the same…

31 Mar 2015 Microscopy and Imaging

Clean Up Your Act! How To Clean Up PCR Contamination

You carefully set up your PCR, excitedly waited for it to finish, ran your gel, and waited for the big reveal. But instead of seeing what you hoped (a nice clean gel), you see a big fat mess—extra bands and, most disturbingly, bands in your negative control. So, what are you to do? How do…

01 Jan 2015 PCR, qPCR and qRT-PCR&Qiagen

Digital Pathology – why you need it and how to choose the best camera for it

Yup, we really are in the digital age…even the pathology is digital. Facebook, Instagram, Tumblr. It has never been easier to take pictures and share them. The digital revolution is upon us and nothing is safe, even your pathology samples. Digitizing your pathology samples can help you better organize and manage pathology for later. And…

30 Oct 2014 Microscopy and Imaging

The Devil is in the Details: How to Setup a PCR Laboratory

There is a right way and a wrong way to set up a PCR laboratory. Because of PCR’s tremendous ability to amplify small quantities of DNA/RNA template, even the smallest of template contamination can become a huge problem in PCR. However, contamination does not have to be a problem in your laboratory. Read below to…

01 Aug 2014 PCR, qPCR and qRT-PCR&Qiagen

Keeping ’em Alive! Incubators and Chambers for Live-Cell Imaging

Live-cell imaging is a powerful technique that allows you to image dynamic cell processes, such as protein trafficking, signal transduction, endocytosis, and exocytosis, etc. However, to perform your own live-cell imaging you need the right equipment, most notably a live-cell imaging chamber or incubator. Keeping ‘em alive! Live-cell imaging differs from conventional imaging in that…

06 May 2014 Microscopy and Imaging