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Haley Gassel

I have a Bachelors in Clinical and Diagnostic Science from the University of Missouri and an ASCP certification in Medical Laboratory Science. I currently work as an MLS in a hospital laboratory and specialize in hematology and clinical chemistry, though I also have experience in microbiology and immunohematology. My favorite part of my job is teaching the new class of MLS students as they complete their clinical rotations throughout the lab so I am looking to direct my career more towards science communication. In my free time I love to draw and practice aerial silks.

Articles by Haley Gassel:

Making the Perfect Blood Smear

Stop wasting time throwing out slide after slide trying to create a readable blood smear. Read our how-to guide for creating the perfect blood smear slide.

Scientist holding a blood smear slide with microscope in the foreground
19 Aug 2020 Microscopy and Imaging
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