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Federico Iseppon

I am Federico Iseppon, I am Italian and come from Sanremo. I have a PhD in Neuroscience from SISSA International School for Advanced Studies, and I have a keen interest in imaging and microscopy. I have explored the functionality of the cytoskeleton and migration of neuronal cells with microscopy techniques spanning from brightfield and fluorescence live cell imaging to FRET, alone or in combination with Optical Tweezers for chemical stimulation of neurons and neuronal cell lines. Currently I am working in the Molecular Nociception lab at University College London, investigating the functionality of peripheral sensation and pain in relevant mouse models with in vivo calcium imaging of dorsal root ganglion cells and in vitro calcium and glutamate imaging of spinal cord slices.

Articles by Federico Iseppon:

Trapping Objects With Light: From Star Wars to Neurons

Can lasers be used to trap and move objects? Sure they can! Read on to know how you can use lasers in a cool technique called optical tweezers to manipulate minuscule objects under the microscope.

The tweezers used to hold the cherry are indicative of optical tweezers described in the article
02 Dec 2020 Microscopy and Imaging&Techniques
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