Lesley recently completed her PhD in Neuroscience from the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Her thesis research aimed to gain a better understanding of the anatomy of the brain in schizophrenia which she studied using protein assays and electron microscopy in postmortem human tissue.

Articles by lesleymccollum:

The Messy World of Human Tissue Research

In neuroscience and other biomedical research fields, animal models allow us to answer critical but otherwise impossible questions. Despite the value of these models, however, sometimes nothing can replace the real deal—human tissue. The limitations of human tissue research stem from the variability between subjects and the risk for covariates that influence your results. Which…

31 Aug 2016 Cells and Model Organisms

How to Take a Publication-Worthy Electron Micrograph

It doesn’t matter how excited you are about the research or how intriguing the biology is, if you cannot record it – and record it well – it won’t matter. Here I will tell you how to take the perfect electron micrograph.

09 Jul 2016 Microscopy & Imaging

Free-Floating Versus Slide-Mounted Sections for Immunohistochemistry

After countless immunos with free-floating sections – troubleshooting, testing antibodies, and finally doing the actual experiments – I felt like an expert on immunohistochemistry. I knew everything there is to know, right? Well, of course not – it does not work like this in science! For my next project, I would need to perform immunohistochemistry…

09 Jul 2016 Microscopy & Imaging&Techniques