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Vincent Tocco

Vincent studied at the University of Michigan.

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Articles by Vincent Tocco


Ten Tips for Pipetting the 384-Well Plate

By VJ Tocco | April 25, 2018

I was so excited to start using 384-well plates for my assays. With so many wells, these plates are useful for testing many conditions in parallel, as required in ELISAs, siRNA library screens, and drug treatment dilutions. However, I quickly learned that pipetting in these plates is more complicated than I thought. This article contains…

Assertive Slide Titles to Guide Your Presentation

By VJ Tocco | July 5, 2017

When I first learned how to design scientific presentations, I kept hearing the same advice from well-intentioned mentors: “Make sure your presentation tells a story!” they’d say. I understood what they meant in principle, but I had difficulty implementing this advice in my own presentations. In this article, I’m going to share a simple way…

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