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Victoria Aranda

Victoria is a postdoc working on breast cancer at Cold Spring Harbor Lab. She has a PhD in Biochemistry and a history of close encounters with molecular and cell biology that she likes to write about.

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Articles by Aranda

Why do YOU do Science?

Why do YOU do Science?

By Victoria Aranda | August 18, 2009

Most people that do scientific research for a living seem to have mixed feelings about their job. Many that I know are routinely day dreaming of quitting. This contrasts with the well-established, romantic image of the dedicated scientist who loves his/her work above anything else. So what is the real story? Do scientists really like,…

10 Things You Must Do Before Starting a New Project

10 Things You Must Do Before Starting a New Project

By Victoria Aranda | July 2, 2009

Rushing and overloading yourself in science is common, even normal. Surprisingly it is considered as an admirable aspect of “scientific flair” in some quarters. And the sad fact is that it is an ingrained part of the scientific landscape. But is this the best way to do things? Should you allow yourself to succumb and…

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