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Siva Kumar Natarajan

Aparna holds an MS in Molecular Biology, Biochemistry and Microbiology from the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine and is currently a Technical Application Scientist at NanoString Technologies Inc., Singapore. Aparna has over 10 years of Genomics Industry experience including developing ctDNA detection kits, developing long-range DNA sequencing and designing customer solutions for genomics applications and her specialties include Next-Generation Sequencing, Illumina, PGM and Ion torrent, technical writing, research, data analysis, bioinformatics, diverse molecular biology techniques, transcriptome analysis, customer interaction, imaging techniques, protein biochemistry – expression, purification.

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Articles by Siva Kumar Natarajan

Five Simple Steps For a Successful MTS Assay!

Five Simple Steps For a Successful MTS Assay!

By Siva Kumar Natarajan | July 9, 2016

The MTS cell viability assay is one of the most important yet often daunting assays to perform for researchers in cancer biology, immunology, drug delivery pharmacy, etc. This chromogenic assay is extremely dependable for assessing the effects of a drug on different cell lines. However, it is only an easy assay to master if you…

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