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Nick Oswald

Articles by Nick Oswald:

7 tips for balancing your scientific career and your marriage* (*or other intimate relationship)

A while back, I read an article on Bitesize Bio entitled “When Your Partner is NOT a Scientist” that piqued my interest…for the wrong reasons. And I discovered that I hold polar opposite views on balancing a marriage and an occupation as a scientist. So I was compelled to write this article, not to be…

11 Jul 2013 Personal Development

How To RTFP (Read the F*****g Paper)

There are, of course, times when it’s ok to just read one part of a paper.  For example, if you only need to know how an experiment was done, just read the methods section or when you simply want what happened, just read the results.   But much of the time this targeted sort of reading…

19 Mar 2010 Taming the Literature

Make Your Lab Life Easier with LabLife.org

You know you’ve been there. That one super productive post-doc who breezed into and out of your lab in two years is now gone, and you realize you need one of the constructs she made. You know there’s a tube full of the plasmid you need,somewhere. By the time you’ve looked through three freezers and…

01 Apr 2009 Science Communication & Ethics

Around The Blogs

Our highlights from the blogosphere this week include cloning woolly mammoths, the logistics of tissue culture entertainment and Google’s efforts to save the world. Back from the dead. Sandra Porter at Discovering Biology in a Digital World covers the recent cloning of some long frozen mice by a Japanese group, which could take us one…

07 Nov 2008 Of Interest
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