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Llewellyn Cox

Llewellyn has a PhD in Molecular/Cell Biology from the University of Wales and currently works for Lab Launch USA

Institution : Lab Launch
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Articles by Llewellyn Cox

Is In Vitro Translation (IVT) a Good Choice for You?

Is In Vitro Translation (IVT) a Good Choice for You?

By Llewellyn Cox | March 2, 2015

With in vitro translation (IVT) you can produce protein in a tube. Cool sure, but would IVT be a good choice for your experiments? Not sure? Then read on. Here I will cover the strength and weaknesses of IVT. How In Vitro Translation works First things first, for IVT you need ribosomes. While theoretically possible,…

Need Cells to Make Your Protein?

Think You Need Cells to Make Your Protein? Think Again! Use In Vitro Translation.

By Llewellyn Cox | December 2, 2014

Do you need purified recombinant protein to test biological drugs? But you don’t have the time or facilities for cell culture and purification? Try using in vitro translation (IVT) instead! IVT is like your own miniature protein factory. And it is great for a wide range of molecular biology applications because IVT can be much…

monoclonal abtibodies

Antibodies 101: Every Body Needs an Anti-Body!

By Llewellyn Cox | October 2, 2014

Antibodies are one of the most important tools in molecular biology. Basic researchers use antibodies to  identify, locate, isolate and quantify specific proteins.  Clinical researchers use antibodies to target a specific drug (such as a chemotherapeutic agent) to a particular cell.  Because of the cell specificity provided by the antibody, a higher amount of antibody…

Get Your Proteins! Hot Proteins Here! Radioactively Labeled Proteins!

By Llewellyn Cox | June 3, 2014

  Radioactive protein labeling is not as common as it used to be. With the advent of modern protein labeling techniques, such as fluorescence, radioactive labeling has largely fallen out of favor. However, radioactive protein labeling is still a very useful technique and is often superior to more modern labeling techniques. Radiolabeling can provide a…

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