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Lianna Swanson, PhD

I graduated from Technion Israel Institute of Technology in 2001 with a BA in Biology and went on to pursue my PhD at Northwestern University in Evanston, IL. During my graduate school I've worked with frogs, yeast and (mainly) flies. I have extensive molecular biology (PCR, cloning, sequencing, etc) knowledge and a fair amount of biochemistry experience (bacterial expression, protein purification and western blotting). I've also performed quite a bit of immunohistochemistry and fluorescent imaging. I've been working at Addgene, the non-profit plasmid repository, since 2008.

Articles by Lianna Swanson, PhD:

How to properly analyze and troubleshoot DNA sequencing results

As part of my job ensuring plasmid quality at Addgene, I analyze 50-100 sequencing reactions a week. So I have developed some good habits that I wanted to pass on to you to make sure you are getting the most out of the data you get back from your sequencing runs. The most important of…

07 Aug 2013 DNA / RNA Manipulation and Analysis
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