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Jovana Plavsa

I am PhD student who is working on structure-based drug design of steroid inhibitors for breast and prostate cancer, using docking, modeling and developing enzymatic assays to test some potent inhibitors and to try to solve protein crystal structures in complex with promising ligands. Beside science, I am very passionate about nature, traveling, reading and cooking :) So I prefer to say that I am actually creative optimistic :)

Articles by Jovana Plavsa:

SDS-PAGE Tips and Tricks to Save You Time

Today, SDS-PAGE is one of the basic methods in biolabs. As a beginner in my lab, I had little help, so my first SDS-PAGE gel took two whole days! Since then, I’ve learned a lot about how to make the process faster. Here are some SDS-PAGE tips and tricks that I learned to help you…

12 Oct 2016 Protein Expression and Analysis
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