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Grace Vezeau

Grace Vezeau is a Ph.D. candidate by day, and sometimes night, with the Salis Lab at Penn State University. Her interest in programming biological systems to perform new, useful tasks was sparked when she began studying the production of biorenewables from algae in her undergraduate research at Cornell University. She currently studies the biophysics of nucleic acid interactions in order to be able to build better biosensing systems for chemicals and proteins. When she’s not in the lab, she enjoys trying (often succeeding!) to cook new recipes, exercising, and encouraging her recalcitrant avocado tree to grow.

Articles by Grace Vezeau:

Biology Beyond the Cell: the How and Why of Cell-Free Systems

Are your cell membranes more of a hindrance than a help? Struggling to sneak your DNA inside? Why not break out and take your expression or metabolism studies cell-free. Find out the what, how and why of cell-free systems.

Light outside shining in a cell.
17 Mar 2020 Protein Expression and Analysis
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