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Because you start every day with questions, we start every day with questions. How can we provide tools to improve your data quality? How can we improve your accuracy and performance? How can we use fewer resources while providing more features? How can we move science forward? Innovation is at the heart of Biotix liquid handling products. Our mission is to supply you with the highest quality, most innovative liquid handling products available. We manufacture tips, pipettes, tubes, reservoirs and plates, for manual and automated pipetting under best-class manufacturing and quality standards. Because your data quality matters, your tip matters.

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A picture of part of a computer keyboard with a large red 'error' key to represent accurate pipetting

17 Ways to Stop Pipetting Errors From Ruining Your Experiments

By Biotix | March 23, 2021

Pipetting errors getting you down? Learn how to avoid and correct errors that hurt your pipetting accuracy in this easy-to-follow article.

How to Ensure Your Methodology Section is Reproducible

How to Write a Flawless Methodology Section

By Biotix | May 1, 2018

Excellent research takes time and effort, and a publication is your chance to showcase your hard work. While your main motivation might be to share and discuss your results, your methodology section is key to the reproducibility of your work, acting as a foundation for other researchers to repeat and build upon your findings. In…

Getting Reproducible Data

Experimental Reproducibility: How to Get the Most “Bang” for Your Buck

By Biotix | May 1, 2018

As scientists, we are trained to design an experiment with the bigger picture in mind; the ultimate goals being to publish quality data and demonstrate scientific rigor. However, sometimes you need to focus on the little things, such as perfecting control and experimental samples, incubation times, and ordering reagents to truly ensure that you obtain…

Pipetting error tips

Top 5 Errors in Pipetting

By Biotix | March 20, 2018

Pipettes are not just fancy handlebars for your tips, they are essential for precisely measuring and dispensing liquids. These standard ‘tools of your trade’ enable you to accurately repeat experiments, validate results, make important comparisons between projects and eventually publish that outstanding paper. But there are a few pipette pitfalls. And they don’t just trap…

Pipette Without Pain: A Guide to Repetitive Strain Injury from Pipetting

Pipette Without Pain: A Guide to Repetitive Strain Injury from Pipetting

By Biotix | September 27, 2016

If you type on a keyboard, pipette, or do anything repetitive with your hands for a long time, chances are you’ve felt it: numbness in the base of the thumb, pain in the wrist, or a weak feeling in your hand. These sensations can come from a lot of things, but the symptoms add up…

How to Choose the Right Pipette Tips for your Experiment

How to Choose the Right Pipette Tips for your Experiment

By Biotix | September 27, 2016

The precision and accuracy of even the best calibrated pipette can be wiped out if you choose the wrong kind of tips. Depending on the experiment you are doing, the wrong kind of tips can also make your pipette a source of contamination, lead to waste of precious samples or reagents—or even cause you physical…

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