Ruth is a neurobiologist doing postdoctoral research in the beautiful Pacific Northwest.

Articles by rbarrett:

Lactation in the Lab: What You Need to Know About Pumping at Work

When you think about having a baby, you picture all kinds of things. The good: cute baby clothes, new baby smell, unlimited cuddles. The bad: sleepless nights, bodily fluids, being on-call 24-7. You probably also give some thought to coming back to work. You planned out your maternity leave, paid or not, and figured out…

26 Apr 2017 Personal Development

Buffer Banter: Pre-cast PAGE Gels & Buffer Compatibility

This article is not for the die-hard old-school gel runners. You know who you are, the purists, the “I always make my own gels and buffers from scratch” kind. For you we have lots of articles about PAGE gels, both bis-tris and the standard SDS PAGE kind. Instead this article is for the rest of…

28 Feb 2017 Protein Expression & Analysis