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Obtain NGS-Grade™ Quality: Extract, Purify, & Fragment Nucleic Acids from FFPE Tissue with the Covaris Process

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Hamid Khoja

Tutorial Video Abstract

In this webinar you will learn:

  • about the truXTRAC™ sample preparation system from Covaris
  • how this system produces high-yield NGS-grade nucleic acids


The controlled generation of DNA fragments is a critical sample preparation step – required by all sequencing applications.

Covaris has developed the truXTRAC™ sample preparation system which utilizes Adaptive Focused Acoustic (AFA™) technology for high efficiency nucleic acid extraction, purification, and fragmentation from FFPE tissues.

The truXtrac process actively removes paraffin and rehydrates FFPE samples without the use of organic solvents.

The simplified Covaris FFPE workflow ensures high-yield NGS-Grade nucleic acid extraction and enables seamless integration into Next-Generation Sequencing applications.

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