Get the Best Out of Your Microscopy Images with Huygens Batch Express

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The Huygens software, from Scientific Volume Imaging, pushes the limits of microscopy image resolution and quality. This is accomplished with the most sophisticated deconvolution algorithms, complemented with an extensive toolbox to correct for additional imaging artefacts. Advanced Huygens 3D visualization and analysis can complete your imaging workflow. Our responsive support team is ready to help you with testing Huygens.


Vincent Schoonderwoert, PhD

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[SVI] Webinar CJS May 2018 Get The Best

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In this webinar, you will learn about the advantages of deconvolving all your images fully automatically. Discussed in this webinar:

  • How to improve the quality of your images with the new Batch Express
  • How to increase resolution and signal of all your fluorescent microscopy data
  • How to deconvolve your new acquired images instantly

If you are interested in improving your fluorescent microscopy images, without manual intervention, then this is the webinar for you!

The Huygens software is considered the gold standard for deconvolution and restoration of microscopy data. Its high-quality deconvolution is now accessible with a fully automated image-processing pipeline within the new Batch Express option. You simply have to select the desired Image Feeder folder and the images in the folder will be automatically deconvolved by the Batch Express within seconds. The Batch Express supports a wide range of microscope types (widefield, confocal, spinning disk, multiphoton, STED, and a variety of SPIM/Light Sheet systems) and file formats. Compatibility with your image files is not an issue. After this webinar, your images will look better than ever before!

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