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Choosing the Right Camera for Your Microscope


Dr. Douglas Richardson

Tutorial Video Abstract

In this webinar you will

  • Get to grips with the essential camera characteristics like pixel count,  spectral response, noise, and read-out time
  • Understand when color or monochrome, CCD or CMOS are correct for you
  • Get the know-how to pick the right camera to give you the best image of your particular specimens


Selecting the right camera for your microscope, or more specifically, the correct camera for your specimen, can be a difficult task. Recent advances in technology have flooded the market with hundreds of choices from cheap webcams to very expensive scientific digital imaging devices. This webinar will outline some key considerations when selecting a camera for your project. Topics will include: pixel count, pixel size, color vs. monochrome, CCD vs CMOS, spectral response, noise, and read-out time.

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