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Ramya Parimi

I have a Masters degree in cell and molecular biology from University of Houston-Clear Lake. I am passionate about learning novel techniques in research and technology. Currently, I am expanding my knowledge to understand the applications of modern computer science in research and innovation in biological sciences.

Articles by Ramya Parimi:

Antibiotic Disposal in the Lab: Simple Tips to Get it Right

Have you ever given thought to how you are disposing of antibiotics in the lab and whether or not it’s correct? Discover the problems associated with improper antibiotic disposal and how to correctly dispose of different antibiotics in the lab.

Image of wastewater coming out of drain depicting the importance of antibiotic disposal in the lab
18 Sep 2020 Basic Lab Skills and Know-how

Teach Yourself Python: A Guide for Biologists

Automate almost everything by learning Python. Discover why Python is a useful language for Biologists and discover how you can teach yourself!

Image of two people at computer with computer code.
04 Sep 2020 Software and Online Tools

Pop Quiz!: Do You Know How a Coulter Counter Works?

Are you an immunologist or lab personnel dealing with counting tons of cells? Then you must have come across the elusive Coulter Counter! Read on to know a little history ofthe instrument’s technology and its working principle.

12 Aug 2020 Cells and Model Organisms

From Dull to Catchy: How to Transfigure Your Manuscripts

When you are an avid reader, you can’t help but find similarities between your research and favorite novels. Here are some ways you can cite or quote your favorite fiction author(s) in your manuscript and make it more memorable.

Imgae of hands holding a book with magical lights around
05 Aug 2020 Soft Skills and Tools

How to Reduce Your Use of Animal Products in the Lab

Did you know that there are many alternatives to the animal-derived products we use in the lab? Read more for how and why you might want to make the switch.

Dropper filling tubes with lab reagents
21 Jul 2020 Basic Lab Skills and Know-how

A Beginner’s Guide to Lentiviral Transduction

The use of viral delivery systems to transduce cells for gene and protein investigations has become prominent over the last 20 years. In particular, the use of lentiviral vectors permits stable expression of your gene of interest. This is all possible with a little bit of nucleic acid magic. Lentiviruses (a genus of retrovirus) express reverse…

13 Sep 2018 DNA / RNA Manipulation and Analysis
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