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Jess Rowley

Jess Rowley is a flow cytometrist, and manages the flow facility at Imperial College, comprising 8 analyzers, 3 sorters, and around 200 users. After obtaining a PhD in Respiratory Medicine, she fell in love with flow during her post-doc, with a 7-color panel to analyze lung stem cells in an asthma model. She knew then she wanted to work in a core facility and was lucky enough to become a Flow Specialist at Imperial. Jess loves the challenges of working in a facility—helping and training users, developing novel protocols, and troubleshooting cytometer issues. It keeps her on her toes!

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Articles by Jess Rowley

Colored powder depicting Flow Cytometry Training.

7 Top Tips to Make the Most of Your Flow Cytometry Training

By Jess Rowley | May 2, 2023

So you’ve got your flow cytometry training booked and are one step closer to that precious data. Read our 7 top tips on how to get the most from your flow cytometry training.

A selection of colored pencils representing spectral unmixing in flow cytometry.

Nail Your Unmixing for Full Spectrum Flow Cytometry: 7 Top Tips

By Jess Rowley | November 10, 2022

Spectral unmixing in flow cytometry is the key to great data from your full spectrum flow cytometry. Get this wrong, and you risk unreliable results. Read our top 7 tips from a flow cytometry core facilities expert to nail your unmixing.

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