Haaris Safdari

Haaris Ahsan Safdari is a graduate student working in the field of cryo EM of macromolecular complexes under Dr Somnath Dutta at Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru, India. In his master’s dissertation, he developed a sense of love for structural biology and enthusiasm to solve the structures of important macromolecular complexes and proteins. He loves to talk and read about structural biology. He is also the College volunteer of Biotech Express Magazine, a monthly Biotechnology news magazine of India. He loves to write articles and poetry. Apart from this, he spends time reading books and novels.

Articles by Haaris Safdari:

8 Tricks to Improve Your Negative Staining of Membrane Proteins

Negative staining of proteins is a versatile tool for structural biology. The sample preparation protocol is simple: the sample is embedded in a heavy metal stain that gives rise to increased specimen contrast. Thus, negative staining is a very convenient method to assess sample homogeneity, formation of macromolecular complexes, or quality of protein preparation. Conventional…

14 Sep 2018 Protein Expression and Analysis