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Troubleshooting and Optimizing Mutagenesis

Posted in: DNA / RNA Manipulation and Analysis

Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT), the world leader in oligonucleotide synthesis, provides in-depth protocols and troubleshooting suggestions for your mutagenesis applications. As part of the new, free-to-download IDT Mutagenesis Applications Guide, an extensive troubleshooting section makes it possible to optimize your mutagenesis experiments for the best possible resulting data. Everything from primer design, reaction setup, ligation and transformationefficiency, to specific reaction components and PCR parameters, are covered. The guide provides a useful reference tool for performing site-directed or random mutagenesis.

The Mutagenesis Applications Guide also describes IDT’s range of Ultramer™ Oligonucleotides, which can simplify mutagenesis experiments. These high fidelity oligonucleotides provide greater experimental flexibility than standard oligonucleotides due to their length¾they are available up to 200 bases. To find out how to maximize the effectiveness of your gene mutagenesis, download the application guide as a PDF, or in e-pub format, which is compatible with most portable e-reader devices.

For more information on IDT’s mutagenesis and oligonucleotide solutions please visit or follow @idtdna on Twitter for the latest news and updates.

About IDT

Integrated DNA Technologies (IDT) is the largest supplier of custom nucleic acids in the United States, serving academic, government, and commercial researchers in biotechnology, clinical diagnostics, and pharmaceutical development. IDT’s primary business is the manufacture of custom, synthetic DNA and RNA oligonucleotides. Today, IDT synthesizes and ships an average of 36,000 custom oligos per day to more than 86,000 customers worldwide. IDT manufacturing locations include facilities in Coralville, Iowa; San Diego, Calif.; and Leuven, Belgium. For more information visit

Integrated DNA Technologies

800-328-2661 (US & Canada)

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