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Most Sensitive 512×512 EMCCD Camera for Super-Resolution Imaging

Photometrics introduces another first in EMCCD technology with its new Evolve 512 Delta EMCCD camera. The Evolve 512 Delta possesses the industry’s fastest frame rates and highest sensitivity for a camera of its class, enabling researchers to obtain high quality super-resolution images in half the time it takes other 512×512 EMCCD cameras on the market.

For super-resolution experiments to be successful, researchers need a camera capable of collecting data at extremely high frame rates. While the optical components for super-resolution imaging have improved, camera technology remains limited by its speed, creating a bottleneck. Equipped with a sensor running at 20MHz that captures images at 62.5 frames per second and read noise <1e- (using EM gain), the Evolve 512 Delta makes super-resolution imaging much more productive and efficient.

The Evolve 512 Delta was specifically designed for super resolution applications such as STORM, PALM and GSD. The camera is also suited for a range of other applications including SMF and Tracking, Live-cell Spinning Disk Confocal, SPIM, Intrinsic Imaging, FCWS, TIRF, FRET and Evolve 512 Delta is the only camera to offer these features and benefits:

  • 20MHz sensor
  • 62.5 frames per second
  • >90% quantum efficiency
  • Quantitative performance

“Photometrics recognizes the increasing demands for life science research facilities to achieve faster results with limited resources,” said Rachit Mohindra, Photometrics product manager. “The Evolve 512 Delta brings those benefits to researchers working in super-resolution and other demanding applications.”

Photometrics is providing existing Evolve 512 customers with an option to upgrade their legacy cameras to the performance level of the Evolve 512 Delta, extending the life of their investment. The upgrade package will be available through the company’s global service centers.

The Evolve 512 Delta, which will come with a two-year warranty, will be available worldwide in mid-August 2012.

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