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As a global market leader Lumenera provides an extensive range of high quality digital cameras with unique combinations of speed, resolution and sensitivity to satisfy the demands of today's imaging applications.

Introducing the 1.4 MP Lumenera INFINITY3S-1UR CCD Research-Grade USB 3.0 Microscopy Camera

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Microscopy Camera

The INFINITY3S-1UR, incorporating Sony’s ICX825 CCD sensor, is a high speed, high sensitivity research microscopy camera with a resolution of 1.4 MP. It is intended for use in a wide variety of scientific and industrial applications:

  • Low Light Fluorescence Microscopy
  • Immunofluorescence
  • Brightfield, Darkfield, DIC/Phase techniques
  • DNA Analysis
  • Live Cell Imaging
  • Whole Slide Imaging
  • Near-Infrared DIC
  • Histology, Pathology and Cytology
  • Calcium/Ion Imaging
  • Forensic Analysis
  • Semiconductor Inspection
  • Metallurgical Microscopy
  • Gel Documentation

Increased Sensitivity and Quantum Efficiency

Sony’s ICX825 CCD sensor incorporated in the INFINITY3S-1UR, gives a 50% higher sensitivity over the popular ICX285 sensor, thus reducing exposure time and reducing photo bleaching in fluorescence applications.

Other improvements include a 7dB increase in quantum efficiency at 850nm (in the near infra-red range), improving the camera’s photon-detection capabilities in that part of the spectrum, and a 6dB increase in dynamic range, enabling the camera to more accurately record high contrast information in the sample, without clipping.

An increased frame rate of over 60fps at full 1392×1040 resolution for monochromatic images (45 fps for color), vs. 30fps for the ICX285, is valuable for users requiring fast capture rates

Other important features

The camera gives low dark current and read noise. Pixel correction is achieved with proprietary image calibration and correction algorithms that improve image uniformity and provide true-to-life color in a consistent and repeatable manner.

Jerkiness in imaging can be very frustrating. However, the INFINITY3S-1UR provides reliable image delivery, even if the computer glitches. A built-in FPGA (field-programmable gate array) circuit is capable of performing image pre-processing that reduces the CPU loading on the host computer. Meanwhile, a built-in 128 MB RAM frame buffer assures reliable image delivery in case the computer’s response is suspended. If this happens, the built-in memory will temporarily hold the image data until the computer is ready to receive once again, making the glitch unnoticeable to the end user.

INFINITY3S-1UR is an ideal upgrade because the 2/3” Optical Format is the same as in ICX285 Cameras, and it can use the same 0.67x coupler and has the same pixel size to match optics. 8- and 14-bit pixel data modes are available and full color sub-windowing allows for rapid focus and scanning of samples.

The robust enclosure, with its heat dissipation capabilities, helps in reducing noise, as heat translates into noise. The INFINITY3S-1UR’s enclosure offers sufficient mass to manage heat dissipation. Smaller cameras lacking enough metal mass cannot offer the same degree of heat dissipation, and this affects image quality.

Finally, a High-End manufacturing process ensures high quality and reliability. Lumenera’s unique knowledge and skills include assembly procedures, calibration techniques, testing and quality control, thus achieving exceptional performance and consistency. Lumenera has built its strong reputation on reliability with a Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) of 80,000 hours and an industry-leading 4 year warranty.

Software: It’s included right out of the box. No compatibility issues and great tech support

The camera comes with Lumenera’s INFINITY CAPTURE and INFINITY ANALYZE, an image capture and analysis software package. The software offers camera control, measurement, annotation, tiling and post capture enhancement. Compatibility with the latest Windows variants (10, 8, 7, XP) and a MAC version (OS X 10.7) make this camera and software combination an ideal, complete imaging solution for your application. Free software updates are available in Lumenera’s website, and there is driver support for popular microscopy software packages including Molecular Devices MetaMorph and Open Source Micro-Manager.

Plug and play interface with USB3.0 connectivity—for fast setting up and fast image transfer

The USB 3.0 interface is now prevalent on all new computers and provides a true plug-and-play experience for users. It offers increased transfer rates up to 5 Gbps, which is more than ten times faster than USB 2.0, and, in the case of cameras, also allows for higher image quality. ?t the same time, USB 2.0 is fully supported by the camera (although at a reduced frame rate), for customers who are limited by USB 2.0 interfaces. Lumenera was one of the first companies in the industry to offer a USB 2.0 imaging solution, more than 12 years ago, which gives us extensive experience in the design and support of the interface, and vouches for the reliability of our USB3.0 drivers.

For more information, see the Lumenera page.


Microscopy Camera
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