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High-Throughput DNA Size Selection with the PippinHT


DNA size selection is a necessary but thankless task. Manual DNA sizing conjures images of postdocs slaving for hours over gels, trying to cut out specific bands with improbable accuracy. Automated DNA sizing, while vastly improving the precision and reproducibility of size selection, has historically been too low-throughput for many NGS labs or too imprecise when used at scale.

Sage Science launched the PippinHT to address those issues. PippinHT can be used to size-select as many as 24 samples at a time, while maintaining the industry-leading accuracy for which Pippin sizing is known. The instrument is geared toward large-scale genomic or transcriptomic studies for sequencing labs or core facilities.

PippinHT uses disposable precast gel cassettes, eliminating the risk of cross-sample contamination. It also minimizes hands-on time so researchers can focus on other tasks, and shortens run times to keep NGS pipelines moving smoothly. The instrument also produces minimal sample-to-sample variation for the most robust sequencing results.

Learn more about PippinHT or check out this video showing how Pippin technology works.


PippinHT Information

Scientist Profile: PippinHT User at Albert Einstein College of Medicine

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