Our Mission

At Bitesize Bio, our mission is to facilitate better science by supporting individual scientists in the seven key areas of technical skills, scientific fundamentals, communicating science, personal development and wellbeing, mentoring and lab management, inspiration, and careers and funding.

We do this by bringing bioscientists together to share their experience, wisdom, and insight, to support and mentor one another in pursuing exceptional research.

Our content creation process

We intend Bitesize Bio to help you improve as a bioscientist. We do this by sourcing, curating, and sharing know-how, insight, and wisdom that has been hard-won by other researchers in the lab. We strive to provide bite-sized, unbiased, honest, and evergreen advice for the betterment of bioscience and your wellbeing.

The Bitesize Bio in-house editorial team sources the best how-to advice and wisdom from bioscience researchers around the globe and prepares it for publication to the Bitesize Bio audience. We are committed to creating quality content and experiences while upholding the highest standards. 

Our robust editorial process

Bitesize Bio’s content is rigorously reviewed, fact-checked, and regularly updated by our editorial team to ensure accuracy and utility. We listen to our audience, and their feedback is always taken on board and addressed promptly.

Our writing and editorial teams

Bitesize Bio’s content is created by post-docs, lab technicians, core facility managers, faculty and principal investigators in labs worldwide meet the mentors. They are supported by our editorial team all experienced scientific research and editorial professionals who are dedicated to supporting scientists in their improvement.

Keeping our writers relevant and on point

Most of our writers work in laboratories on a daily basis. Bitesize Bio carefully assesses all potential writers. We vet our content creators for subject matter expertise and relevant life experience. We train them on research and sourcing the best topics, and we provide regular feedback and ongoing coaching. We also have exciting opportunities for those interested in launching a career in science writing and more experienced writers looking to undertake commercial work. Read more about The Science Writer Academy @ Bitesize Bio.

Our style and voice

Our voice is warm and engaging—yet confident and professional. As science and technology evolve, we evolve with it. We also understand day-to-day lab work can be a grind and each of us respond to those pressures differently, so we strive to provide practical advice to make your lab life as efficient and rewarding as possible—and inspire you at the same time. This user-centric approach is at the forefront of our editorial approach.

Your feedback is welcome

We’re determined to provide you with the very best experience. We want to hear from you if we could be doing better.

Let us know if you have any questions or comments about the accuracy or utility of our process and content, or if you feel an article is out of date.