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Our Team

Bitesize Bio is dedicated to making practical knowledge and training information accessible, understandable, and actionable so that our community can make the best possible decisions about their research and careers. Here is our team.


Nick Oswald, Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief


Adam Pawson, Senior Managing Editor

Laura Grassie, Content Creation Manager

Hannah Gaimster, Copywriter

Thomas Warwick, Technical Writer

Editorial Advisory Board

Antony Adamson, University of Manchester – CRISPR and gene editing

Derek Davies, The CRICK Institute – Flow cytometry

Peter O’Toole, University of York – Microscopy and imaging

Production and Design

Andy Campbell, Senior Production Manager

Conor McBay, Producer and Digital Design

Jason Rodgers, Producer and Audio Production

Antoine Guinebault, Production Assistant

Web Development

Fraser Smith, Web Developer and Brand Alignment

Stephen McTaggart, SEO Engineer 

Marketing and Sales

Kenneth Vogt, Commercial Director 

Tammie McFarlane, Sales Executive

Zara Puckrin, Marketing Manager


Fiona Oram, Operations Manager

Lori Cowan, Operations Assistant

Evie Oswald, Operations Assistant

Avril Craig, Finance Manager

Carolyne Ross, Operations/Finance Assistant

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