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The Art and Science of Figure Creation: Think BIG to see Small

There are those of us who began our careers literally in the dark. Yes, there was a time and not that long ago, that all figures had to be on film. Slide presentations were slides. Micrographs were, well, micrographs on film. Figure creation involved several steps: figures for publications had to be mocked up; then […]

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In Microscopy & Imaging 20th of December, 2016
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BD OptiBuild™ Custom Reagents are Unlocking Science with New Antibody and Dye Combinations

The need for multicolor flow cytometry is increasing all the time. We want to look at more markers, in smaller samples, perform quicker acquisition, have simpler post-acquisition analysis and, oh wait, can we please just add in yet another color? Sometimes it’s not that easy, since not all the reagents in your panel are available […]

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In BD Biosciences, Flow Cytometry 22nd of July, 2016
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Oh the Options! Choosing a Calcium Indicator for Imaging

We can, however, use special dyes or engineered proteins to bind to calcium, indicating where in the cell it is. The trick is determining which probe is most suitable to your cells and application.

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In Microscopy & Imaging 9th of July, 2016
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Putting Down a Marker in Flow Cytometry to Help Determine Positivity

In many biological experiments the question that a researcher wants to ask is – ‘do some or all of my cells express a particular protein?’ There are many ways of doing this, which you will be familiar with e.g. Western blotting, immunoprecipitation, microscopic examination of stained cells and even mass spectrometry. Using Flow Cytometry to […]

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In Flow Cytometry 16th of June, 2015
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Live-Cell Imaging: Choosing the Right Technique

If you want to see in real time what is going on inside your cell then you should be performing live-cell imaging. Live-cell imaging techniques allow real-time examination of almost every aspect of cellular function under normal and experimental conditions. With all live-cell imaging experiments, the main challenges are to keep your cells alive and healthy […]

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In Microscopy & Imaging, Zeiss 14th of April, 2015