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Zack Hades

Advocate for the advancement of science for the benefit of all living things and also a large supporter of science outreach for youths.

Articles by Zack Hades:

5 Things to Remember as a Research Intern

Make Friends as a Research Intern I used to be a supporter of the ‘lone wolf’ stance. Who needs friends or enemies? I’m completely capable of doing things on my own. Wrong and wrong again. This is especially true if you’re the new research intern who is breaching the social circle of an already well…

15 Mar 2017 Career Development & Networking

How to Conduct a Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment

Labs can be dangerous places. Even the most careful workers can have accidents. To help prevent workplace accidents, you should conduct a yearly Hazard Identification and Risk Assessment, otherwise known as HIRA. Here are six steps to guide you through how to conduct a HIRA assessment. Step 1: Preparation Before you even begin, put together…

risk assessment
19 Oct 2016 Lab Safety

Starting Up a New Lab: What you Need to Know

Here’s a few things to take into consideration when starting up a new lab. Starting anything new is understandably overwhelming, but let’s break it down and go through the main points of designing your own laboratory. Purpose of Your New Lab The purpose and function of your proposed lab sets the course for the tasks…

new lab
26 Sep 2016 Basic Lab Skills and Know-how

How to Have a Successful Lab Outreach Program

Lab outreach programs are one of the ways that science reaches out to its future generations and entices them to join the ranks of those who have pledged allegiance to the pursuit of the unknown. Successfully running these programs for young adolescents depends on a certain number of factors, such as the ability to capture…

lab outreach
09 Jul 2016 Science Communication & Ethics

Five Great Resources to Learn About Stem Cells

Whether you’re already in the field or an undergrad looking to enter the scene, here are some great places to keep up to date with the latest news and trends in stem cells. Listen About It For auditory learners, or people that listen to music on their way to the lab, you could switch it…

stem cells
09 Jul 2016 Cells and Model Organisms
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