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Hiba Al-Ashtal

Hiba is a Biological Sciences Ph.D. candidate at the University of Pittsburgh, graduating in March of 2020. She studies the mechanisms of protein-RNA interactions using biochemical and biophysical techniques. Hiba has a passion for reading and writing about science, and is looking forward to career opportunities in science writing and communication.

Articles by Hiba Al-Ashtal:

Icky Sticky: Heat Shock Protein Contamination during Protein Purification

Purifying a new protein is no easy feat. Finding combinations of protein purification buffer, salt, detergent, and stabilizing agent to get high yields of squeaky-clean protein can become tedious. Few things are as bothersome during this process as Heat Shock Protein (HSP) contamination. But worry not, we’ve got some handy tips to avoid HSP contamination…

03 Dec 2019 Protein Expression and Analysis
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